The sites that are sharing your personal information

You may be shocked to discover just how much these sites share about you.

People data sites may contain your current and previous home addresses, relatives, phone numbers, email addresses, neighbors and more. Anybody can visit these sites and look up your personal data.

Cyber and Privacy expert David Derigiotis has created a useful resource to explain how you can opt-out of these data sites.

This is a great first step to start reducing your digital footprint.

The downloadable resource covers the following points and more:

  1. When removing the information from the following organizations, consider creating an anonymous email.
  2. Consider using the following email service providers which offer users a greater sense of privacy.
    • ProtonMail:
    • Tutanota:
  3. These two email providers offer a secure email service with built in end to end encryption. With end to end encryption, content within the email is not accessible by the company itself when emailing within the network (ex. ProtonMail to ProtonMail user). Only the communicating users can read the content.

The list is not exhaustive but will provide a good start for reducing your digital footprint. Many of these sites may require your follow up before successful data removal occurs. Please be sure to record the date you initially contact the service and document once removal is verified. Be diligent.

Download our guide with links for the websites that are holding your information and where you can opt-out to remove your data.